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Splash Detox Tea: lemon, ginger, cloves, honey $4.00




Our Splash Signature Detox Tea is a combination of lemon, ginger, cloves and honey. The lemon will help to purify your blood and cleanse the liver, the ginger helps to relax and soothe the intestinal tract with anti-oxidant effects. Cloves contain significant amounts of the trace mineral Mangnese, which assists with bone production, skin repair (collagen formation), blood sugar control, free radical damage and more.The second most active ingredient in cloves an active component called Eugenol which also assists free radical damage and acts as an Anti-inflammatory substance.And last but not least the tea is Sweetened with un-pasteurized organic honey for taste and the many healing benefits of honey. ( to many to list here, but watch for a future blog on the benefits of honey). With all the detoxifying that you will be experiencing we wanted to make sure your system had the right support to naturally help rid your body of toxins.


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