After 15 years of juicing, I knew I was finally ready to offer the service of fresh juice to my community. I knew I had to offer the best quality juice available, and when you’re juicing at home, you usually use a centrifugal juicer and drink your juice quickly or at least in 1 day. Juicing for public consumption is a whole different ballgame. You need to provide a quality juice that will have a high amount of enzymes and cell nutrition available for at least 3 to 4 days. The only way to achieve this kind of the quality is to use a COLD-PRESS juicing press.

Centrifugal vs Cold-pressed

Centrifugal juicing is basically a high- speed spinning blade that separates the juice from the pulp. This process creates a lot of friction and which in turn creates high heat and oxidation, thus destroying living enzymes and vital nutrients. This is what most juice bars use for convenience and ease of producing large amounts of juice quickly.

After many hours of research; youtube-ing, googling, spending 1000’s of dollars trying out juicers, looking at the health benefits and reading educational sites we decided that we wanted to offer a superior juice experience.

So COLD-PRESSED it was. We looked at several small cold-press machines that would allow us to make a good quality juice but we would be up all night long making juice for the next day so we decided to pull out all the stops and order a PR 25. This is a beautiful cold-pressed juicer. It works by putting your fresh fruits and vegetable in between two presses and the juice is extracted through a tremendous amount of pressure by using a hydraulic press. It yields a sweeter, better tasting, high quality juice that delivers natural fuel in the form of vitamins, trace minerals, live enzymes and all the other vital elements that are present in fresh produce. There is a minimal amount of friction heat or oxidation. The cold-pressed juice makes for one vitamin packed super juice.

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