Splash Juicery: Inspiring the community to eat well by providing an alternative to fast food. Healthy food choices today lead to a radiant tomorrow. Nutritionally dense, food not only supports the body but cleanses the mind and frees the spirit.

Fresh, Organic, Raw, Nutritious

Splash Juicery is a new concept started to help the world reach a higher level of nutrition and health. We live in a dangerous world full of unnatural toxins and substances, Splash is here to help cleanse those toxins out with an all natural cold pressed, organic juice. We save you money every day by squeezing your daily intake of fruit and vegetables into a delicious drink. No more wasting your hard earned money on produce that spoils in your fridge. With a fresh juice every day you can enter a whole new level of health.

Splash Juicery was a vision that started 15 years ago that has now taken its time to percolate and formulate, and our vision has become a reality. Our vision started because of a simple need to heal the body with food. We had family members with different ailments (psoriasis, fatty liver, constipation etc.) and as I started to research food as medicine, it became clear to me that we needed dense nutrition that absorbed into the body at a cell level. Within a few months of juicing, we started to see all of the ailments disappear as the body healed. I continued to juice for personal use, as I continued to focus on teaching Pilates, Yoga and Bodytalk healing. It wasn’t until last year, when I began juicing daily, that I realized I wanted to share my knowledge and the benefits of juicing with my community. Early in the spring of 2014, I began speaking my dream out loud. With the support of my family, and many dining room table get togethers, “Splash Juciery” was born. 

Juicing is a way to assist the body with detoxing and it delivers immediate energy to the cell level.

Splash Organic Juicery is here to support anyone who wants to juice for optimum nutrition, have unlimited energy and live life large! Let us partner with you to support your health and wellness goals.

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